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Today, Yoop Architects exists for one reason, and one reason alone. To enhance lifestyles, fulfil dreams and design homes that are fit for happy families. Our purpose is to create space for a new baby in Edgware, connect a kitchen to a garden in St Albans, squeeze a downstairs loo under a staircase in Harrow, and turn the spare room into a theatre of dreams in Barnet.

Wherever there is a need, a what if, or a lack of space to live in, Yoop will discover your best home and guide you through to its magical, family-life-enhancing reality.


Gordon Evans is the driving-force, the creative mind and the ethical influence behind Yoop Architects. After qualifying as an architect, he set off on an adventure of design and discovery all across the world. He travelled far and wide working on multi-million-dollar projects, making crazy concepts work, forging the way in environmental innovations, and seeing his imagination take shape in the real world.

Along the way, Gordon’s journey also led him to many a loft, porch, basement, kitchen, bedroom and every type of extension you can imagine.

Then one day, while working with a family on a simple refurbishment project to bring a little more light into their world, he had an epiphany. He realised that, while he loved exotic buildings and exciting design and turning space into something magical, he loved working with the people who dwell in those buildings much more.

Our core values serve as the foundation of behaviours that drive us.

Gordon Evans

What our clients say.

Great process, make me feel in control, Gordon and the team are all very approachable and walked me through the steps. I love my bathroom every morning!

Amaia Borja, 2018

A seamless process from start to finish. Meeting to kick things off so Yoop can understand the need. They put the need into pictures so you can visualise your dream and then they get the dream through planning with their technical drawings. A very easy and professional process.

Gary Philip, 2018

Yoop understands how people live and how houses work. They love a planning challenge or a tricky construction detail. Don’t look any further, call them.

Andrew Clifford, 2018

Gordon and the team helped so much with the planning process, the design and layouts and gave us some great ideas. Using YOOP made the whole building project a lot smoother – thank you

Austin Glass, 2018
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